Doug Shoemaker


5th Vice President


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My name is Doug Shoemaker, and I am honored to be a candidate for the International Association of Chiefs of Police's 5th Vice President. With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving communities across the United States, as well as having more than a decade of experience serving on various committees and sections within the IACP. 

As we look to the future of our profession, I firmly believe that the work we can accomplish will be done through collaboration and with a keen attentiveness to the health, wellbeing, and training of our future generations of law enforcement officers. 2020 has forever altered the world we protect and serve, but we can and will continue to meet the needs of our communities with innovation, compassion, and the utmost consideration for all. 

I look forward to being a part of that endeavor. Join me on that journey.


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Platform pillars


Communication and Collaboration

We must ensure that law enforcement leaders have the best possible paths to connect with their communities through elevated communication strategies that resonate both with their agencies and those they serve. The future of policing can best be built through collaboration and partnerships, which encourage engagement between those who protect and serve and those who call these communities home.



How we care for our own will be more vital than ever as we tackle the impacts of adversities of the job -- including mental health incidents, civil unrest that can lead to divided communities, and more. We have to think about how this influences our officers' mental wellbeing, how this can shorten a career, and how we address that in a way that provides healthy outlets for our women and men so that we can attract and retain the best possible public servants.



We should prioritize diverse and well-rounded training opportunities to ensure law enforcement personnel have the greatest breadth of knowledge, skill, and ability to serve their communities. 

Policing is rapidly evolving in front of our eyes, and together we must be at the forefront of that change. As progressive leaders, we need to evolve to meet those expectations and be the best version of this profession.

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